My Family

My Family

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our Yearly Letter

Dear Family & Friends,
This has been a pretty eventful year for this Leverett clan!  First new thing is our new address in Misawa, Japan.  We received our orders the end of last December and arrived at our new home middle of February.  It’s been pretty crazy, but we’re getting settled in slowly!   We had our first big trip over Memorial Day and went to Tokyo for the weekend.  We saw the Emperial Palace, went up the Tokyo Tower and spent a day at Tokyo Disney.  It was a lot of fun, but extremely expensive!  So our trips will probably be few and far between.
Kiley started the 4th grade this year and is loving school.  She had one B+ in math and the rest A’s on her report card this semester.  She has been doing gymnastics about 45 minutes away for 10 hours a week in a town named Hachinohe with all Japanese students since we arrived here.  She is the only American that attends there and is loving it.  They don’t speak any English, but Kiley is slowly learning some Japanese.  She was recently asked to join their Japanese gymnastics team, so we will be plenty busy with that.  Kiley is also in Ballet with some of her friends here on base and she was given the first solo in the recital that they’re getting ready for in June.  She is very excited for our trip to climb Mount Fuji coming up in July.
Brendan started 1st grade this year and is doing great!  He is in an exceptional reading program and accelerated math club.  He loves school!  Brendan is playing Hockey on a Japanese team off base.  He practices 6 hours a week, the Japanese take their sports very seriously, and he loves every minute of it!  He played in his first hockey tournament last weekend and did great!  He is also playing basketball on base with his best friend and really enjoys that too! 
Bailey is still home with Brittany during the day and doing pre-school there.  He is very excited and ready to start Kindergarten, but we’re not quite ready for that.  Bailey played t-ball over the summer and is playing basketball now.  He is quite the athlete!  He ran in his first race, a color run, here on base a few months ago, 1.8 miles, and came in 2nd.  He wasn’t old enough to run, so we just put him with the 5 & 6 year olds.  He never stopped!  He had a blast!  He wants to start playing hockey, but they like them to be 5, so he will probably start next fall.  He wants to be a goalie like Korry!
Brittany is staying busy with Bailey at home and helping in the kids classrooms at school.  She started her own Photography business back in October and has been very busy with that the last few months.  She will be starting back to college the 1st of January to finish her Elementary Education degree.
Korry is staying very busy with Public Affairs here and will be heading back to the United states for 6 weeks in January to attend school for the Air Force in Maryland.  He was 1 of 7 chosen out of the entire Air Force to attend this school.  So we are very proud of him.  He is also playing on an adult hockey team here in Misawa, they play about once a month and he is loving every minute of it. 
We love and miss you all very much!  Please keep us and our journey in your prayers!  It’s a blessing to be able to see the World, but difficult to be so far away from the ones we love!  We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Love,  Korry, Brittany, Kiley, Brendan & Bailey

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